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Jim Millsap, CPRP,  Executive Director
James Millsap, CPRP
Executive Director

 Caring and effective mental health services

"Research conducted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness on mental health on college campuses shows that:

One in four students have a diagnosable illness
40% do not seek help
80% feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities
50% have been so anxious they struggled in school

While there are certainly growing concerns over other mental health issues affecting college students today, this article covers the prevalent issues of depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders and addiction. Our guide is not a substitute for treatment, but it will help you find resources that lead to a happier and healthier college career."

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" I no longer feel overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, I now know I have much to be hopeful about. I am excited about my future." - La Selva Client

"We firmly believe all people have the ability to improve the quality of their lives, no matter what their circumstances.  Motivation and insight, although helpful are not iniitally required to begin the change process." - Paul Taylor, La Selva Founder and President & CEO of Momentum for Mental Health

Clients often mention their fond memories of the La Selva community and describe it as a source of strength.  La Selva provides a comfortable setting for therapy, where clients can explore their symptoms, develop new insights and transition to a healthier state of mind.

Since 1979, La Selva Group has provided caring and effective mental health services. We offer a psychiatric-based array of services for adults, including residential treatment; psychiatric diagnosis, medication management and treatment; outpatient mental health and rehabilitation services; crisis intervention, case management and supportive housing. All services are individualized and designed to assist each person utilize his/her strengths, talents, and skills to meet challenges, retain or regain hope and move forward to recovery. La Selva Group's services provide quality professional treatment that respects the dignity of each individual and offers a holistic approach to well being.

La Selva Group's programs are designed to engage clients in a process of learning to manage the illness, gaining insight, discovering potentials and changing behaviors. This is accomplished through the use of psychosocial groups, individual counseling and therapy, life skill development activities, recreation and social skill development activities all based in our therapeutic community.  Individuals learn to identify what behaviors and environments support health and which ones increase stress and distress.    

Individualized Treatment 

Our treatment programs are individualized to meet each person's specific needs. Our clinical team provides a careful assessment of each client's needs and then collaborates with the client to set therapy goals and design appropriate therapy programs. Clinicians working with the clients consult with one another regularly to assess progress toward the goals, and to set up appropriate discharge plans.


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 Who We Are

La Selva is a program of
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 The LA Selva Team

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 Clinical Approach

  • Keeping consumer's recovery goals - not their illness - at the center
  • Building on the strengths and abilities of each individual
  • Empowering people to live purposeful lives
  • Leveraging peer support from others who have been there
  • Inspiring hope to drive recovery

 Neighborhood Setting

The peaceful neighborhood and community setting of Palo Alto, California, and the experience and expertise of La Selva staff support each client in his/her journey toward wellness and recovery.

Please take a moment to learn more about our services and other available resources. There is also an opportunity to provide feedback. If you have an immediate need, give us a call.


 Supporters of La Selva

La Selva thanks its supporters whose generosity helps us continue to provide premier mental health services.



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